World’s Best Driving Road

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  • Worldwide


Avis wanted to initiate a campaign that sparked a renewed interest in the car renting process. Avis was looking to break the mold of its usual media and put a new and original ad forth that would peak motorists interests.


For this ad, we recruited three leading experts to create a scientific formula; quantum physicist, Dr. Mark Hadley; F1racetrack designer, Hermann Tilke; and rollercoaster designer, John Wardley to create the Avis Driving Ratio and determine the world’s best roads. We then shared this ad using traditional and social media using #AvisBestRoad.  


Within six weeks, the World’s Best Driving Road directly generated £120,000 worth of rental sales. The campaign reached a total PR reach of over 470 million. Additionally this campaign won the Best International Campaign at the Travel Marketing Awards (2016), Best Marketing at the Travel Industry Club Awards, and the Best Media Event at M&P Awards.