Croatian National Tourism Board (CNTB)

Croatia Loves You

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The goal was to attract tourists to Croatia and ultimately to bring Croatia to the attention of the world as a vacation hotspot.


We used the traditions of Croatia to our advantage by using Croatia’s popular heart-shaped cakes, licitars, to show the world the special love and tradition that is found there. We did this by listening to conversations on Twitter, then finding people in need of a little love, and subsequently we sent them a message with a liticar! We then gave some unique codes which unlocked personalised liticars that could be shared with their loved ones. Additionally, since one of Croatians main islands are shaped in a heart, just like a liticar, we sent an island down the Thames. On the island we hosted a Crotain festival and shared a steam of photos. Then in Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Warsaw, we installed green screens were, in which people posed with a background of Croatia behind them. We shared all pictures on various social media outlets.


  • 25 million people reached across Europe
  • 28% increase in search volume for Croatia
  • 270,000 more pre/post season tourists